Invasive Species in Kalkaska County

There are some invasive plants and animals that we should be aware of in the two main categories, aquatic and terrestrial.

Some of the top aquatic invaders that we keep an eye out for are listed below. You can find out more on each species here.

  • Round Goby

  • Eurasian Watermilfoil

  • European Frogbit

  • Phragmites

  • Purple Loosestrife

  • Yellow Floating Heart

Top terrestrial invaders that concern us in Kalkaska County are listed below. You can find more information on them through this link.

  • Japanese & Giant Knotweed

  • Baby’s Breathe

  • Black Swallowwart

  • Autumn Olive

  • Honeysuckle

  • Oriental Bittersweet

  • Common & Glossy Buckthorn

  • Tree of Heaven

  • Japanese Barberry

If you think you may have an alien invader on your property you can find more information on identification through the MI DNR website or MISIN. Both are great resources and you can report sightings through the MISIN website or mobile app.

Additionally, our staff can survey your property for FREE for any invasive species and guide you through the best management for your property. Our staff works in tandem with our partners of CAKE CISMA (Charlevoix Antrim Kalkaska Emmet Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area) to target any invasive threats to our ecological systems. CAKE CISMA even has a strike team that you can hire to do the treatments for you! Find our more about our CAKE CISMA partner on their website.

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