Our Mission

Our mission is to provide leadership in the natural resource management of Kalkaska County, deliver conservation assistance and information to residents and visitors, and ensure quality implementation of conservation practices.

June 2018 National Trails Day Celebration.

June 2018 National Trails Day Celebration.

We recognize that our County has both opportunities and challenges related to conservation and that KCD plays a unique role in working with property owners, land users and community leaders to address the needs of our beautiful and vibrant region. Supporting data of desired Conservation District services and challenges that stakeholders identified can be found in the attached appendix.

Our 3-year plan focuses on leveraging our strengths to grow programs, services and initiatives that address both conservation opportunities and challenges. We will strive to be a strong community partner in creating a County that is a showcase of recreational, economic, and sustainable living opportunities. We hope you will be excited by the possibilities and invite you to join us in working toward a shared vision.

From every conceivable angle—economic, social, cultural, public health, national defense—conservation of natural resources is an objective on which all should agree.
— Hugh Hammond Bennett, June 1959

What We've Achieved

  • Successful Household Hazardous Waste events in 2016 and 2017. Over 400 residents participated to properly dispose over 35 tons of chemicals, oil, and paints!

  • Annual tree seedling sale to raise funds for educational programs - 2017 sale raised over $3,000.

  • July and August 2018 - Cleaned over 22 river miles on the Upper Manistee River which totaled 205 volunteer hours.

  • May 2018 planted 30 trees on KART trail through volunteer teaching and cooperative efforts.

  • Completed 34 site visits in 2018 to assist landowners with forest health and erosion concerns.

  • Staff completed Project Learning Tree Certification to work closer with local school and library programs.

  • Assisted NRCS staff in surveying, mapping, and implementing over 22 acres of habitat improvement for Golden Wing Warblers in Southern Kalkaska County.

  • Partnered with Kalkaska Village Downtown Development Authority and ReLeaf Michigan to plant 50 young trees in the Village in 2 hours with the help of 40 volunteers in October 2017!