October eNewsletter

Happy Monday!

Alas, my favorite time of year has arrived! The trees have begun to show off brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds. Some fall wildflowers are still in their prime. New England Aster, Mountain Aster, and Cup Plant are some my favorites right now. I have also been seeing a lot of interesting looking mushrooms popping up on the forest floor. Despite everything dying back and preparing for winter, if you look closely you will see there is still a lot of life in the woods. 

In case you missed us last week, we had a wonderful annual meeting. Our Board of Directors held successful elections and has refilled all seats that were up for nomination. We showcased a documentary of Hugh Hammond Bennett, the man that single-handedly convinced Capitol Hill that soil erosion and soil health is a worthwhile natural resource that should be protected. It was through his efforts that the Soil Conservation Service got it's start in 1935. You can watch for yourself how the NRCS and Conservation Districts were created in the dust bowl era. I think Hugh would be proud to see how much work is underway to conserve our natural resources. 

We have a few events coming up soon that might peak your interest. This Thursday evening we will be joining the Quality Thyme Garden Club to learn about Integrated Pest Management with local 'bug dude', Duke Elsner. The following Wednesday we will host a Fall Tree and Plant ID hike at Seven Bridges Natural Area. Keep scrolling to the tiles below for more information on all events. You can also get details on our website and Facebook pages. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to register for any events!


Renee Penny
Conservation Specialist