Free Forestry Assistance Now Available

Free Forestry Assistance Now Available

By Marilyn Shy, Kalkaska Conservation District

The Kalkaska Conservation District has a new, part-time staff person available to help forest landowners in Kalkaska County.

Larry Czelusta, currently the Conservation District Forester in Wexford and Missaukee Counties, has expanded his territory, and has a wealth of experience in tree-related issues and forest management. Larry has a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from Virginia Technological University. He particularly enjoys working with landowners to provide solutions to what he calls, “bugs and rots.” He likes diagnosing tree illnesses, and providing recommendations on how to help the tree that is stressed, but also manage for the overall health of the forest or woodlot. Larry can work closely with landowners who would like to learn more about enrolling in the Michigan Qualified Forest Management Program, or QFP.

The QFP provides a property tax exemption on privately owned forest property that is managed in a sustainable fashion. A forest management plan is required for the parcel being enrolled. Parcels must be at least 20 acres or larger to qualify.

In addition, Larry can provide information on the selection and planting of trees and shrubs for reforestation, windbreaks, and wildlife habitat enhancement. He also has experience with such diverse topics as: timber sales, prairie restoration, and increasing pollinator habitat.

Larry will be hosting several educational events this spring and summer where you will have a chance to meet Larry and learn more about managing your forest property. His workshops will include: Abandoned Christmas Tree Farm Conversion, Preparing Forestland Property for the next Generation, Controlling Autumn Olive, and a Post-Harvest Field Tour.

So whether you have 1 acre, or 100 acres, or more, Larry can provide free on-site consultations, or advice over the phone. To find out more, you may call him at: (231) 775-7681. Or email him at: